We are blogging as we dig into the archaeological records archived at Independence National Historical Park (INDE) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. These records were created over the past 50 years as archaeologists researched sites within the park's boundaries. The Independence Park Archives is currently creating a Guide for this vast collection of documents. This blog serves toward that end. It functions as a platform where archaeologists, archivists, and the interested public can share ideas about how to make these materials more widely available and more useful to the user.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

More about this blog...

The Independence Park collection of archaeological documentation includes, among other items, field notes, site map sketches, reports, and photographs -- all of which are housed at the Park's headquarters in the Merchant's Exchange Building. These residues of archaeological practice tell stories about the search for colonial American history and also about the creation of Independence National Historical Park.

Like the finding aid under development, the intent of this blog is to help make the history of this archaeology more accessible to researchers and the interested public.

This blog is part diary and part professional brain-storming platform. It comprises a working space for collaborative archaeology and archival science. We muse about the archaeological history under study and we post copies of the interesting discoveries we find while we dig through the boxes and files.

We welcome all those with an interest in archival science, archaeology, public history, and Philadelphia history to participate in this online forum.

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  1. Patti-- What a cool idea! I'm very interested in how users (particularly students at all levels) would like to access the park's archeological reports and for what purposes. Ultimately, this kind of information can suggest potential program ideas (e.g. exhibits) that really speak to what visitors (real and virtual) want to know about archeological material culture. Thanks for bringing this idea to us. Karie, INDE Curatorial